Kris Siddiqi

Oh him? His name is Kris Siddiqi (pronounced Sa-Dinks-Donks) Oh sure, he’s done a bunch of things. He’s swam all 4 minor oceans, he can play along with most Dave Matthews Band songs, he’s written 3 main stage revues with The Second City Toronto: Second City for Mayor (Dora Nominated for Best Ensemble – oooooo so impressive), Something Wicked Awesome This Way Comes, & This Party’s a Riot! His children’s musical ‘Maravilla: The Heroic Monomyth’ received high praise from children, parents, and reviewers throughout Toronto (seriously it was a good show) Kris(topher) has appeared on MuchMusic and MTV Canada, played a role in the Gemini winning Showcase series ‘Cock’d Gunns’, has written for and hosted YTV’s Saturday morning show CRUNCH!, CTV’s Dan for Mayor, the Showcase series Almost Heroes, MTV’s Scare Tactics, My Babysitter’s a Vampire, Lost Girl, Disney’s Life With Boys and a ma’ Bell commercial. A bunch of years ago while working at the Bad Dog Theatre Company in Toronto, Kris was the co-creator of Dreadwood, the serialized/improvised tale of the gold rush in 1890′s Canada (filled with some good swears!!), and the improvised homage Battleawesome Awesomestar, which were both nominated for Canadian Comedy Awards for Best Comedic Play (also filled with swears). Finally (thank the gods!) he produces Egg Zeppelin – a show where they cook, talk, listen to music, play music…it’s just a really great show with amazing people on it. Friggin Spooky Ruben and Tyler Stewart from the Barenaked Ladies were on the show…!!! Thank you for listening.


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